Our story started over 25 years ago.

Director Ben Duncan decided there had to be a better and safer option for fencing his father’s Thoroughbred property in a sleepy little nook south of Busselton, Western Australia. Like many horse owners, they had experienced the damage and loss of horses in wire fences.

Ben’s journey to bring his dreams to fruition has seen him take many different directions along the road. Still, his passion for horses and their safety continues to be his driving force to create the ultimate fencing system for all horse owners.
Thinking and looking outside the square has been Ben’s most vital ability. His knowledge comes from years of experience, dedication, and commitment, and this is something we can proudly say stands us above all others. Our passion for horses and their safety is still our driving force over 25 years later.

Our deep love for our horses means we have committed ourselves to continuously striving for a safer option of horse fencing. Our longevity in the horse industry has given us unsurpassed reliability and credibility no other fencing company can match.

Our mission has been to develop a complete, safe horse fencing system. One that delivers the whole package and doesn’t leave our customers still scratching their heads. We wanted the ultimate in safety across the entire paddock.

From rail to posts to gates and corner posts. We have researched, developed and tested our products on our horses first to make sure we deliver you products we know work.

Having gathered extensive experience over 25 years of designing horse properties, we can  provide you with a complimentary, yet comprehensive, farm/paddock design service for your Stallion Rail installation.

Duncan Equine Evolvement Timeline



Founder and Director of Horserail Australia Ben Duncan originally started building fences in 1993.
He actually started building vineyards in South West WA. Installing in excess of a million posts over 12 years.


In 1995, after a couple of fence accidents on his father’s Thoroughbred stud, Ben spent many months researching a better and safer option than wire for the horses.
Ben travelled to the USA and looked at many options, before being pointed in the direction of Horserail in Pennsylvania. This was the original 2 wire rail. Ben ordered his first container while there.


After re-fencing his father’s property, word spread around the horse community and other studs showed intense interest.
Subsequently, Ben began fencing other horse studs around South West WA with Horserail.


In 2006 came the development of the 3 wire rail. This was a better, stronger option that made the old 2 wire rail obsolete in Australia. After fencing so many horse properties in WA, and a few on the East Coast, with non-electric Horserail, it was obvious to Ben a better system for electrifying the fences was required. With horse safety as the priority, using non-electric rail and a Hotcote or wire standoff just wasn’t a good enough option.


The interest in Horserail in other areas of Australia really started to develop in 2007.
Ben was no longer able to continue installing and keep up with the day-to-day operational demands of Horserail Australia, so opted to focus on the promotion of the Horserail Product across the country. A second warehouse was setup in Victoria to meet the demands of the East Coast Sales.


After much discussion, the manufacturers agreed with Ben that an electric rail was required. Hottop was finally developed in 2008.
Insulated accessories however, were not developed until later. Ben designed and made these in Australia before the manufacturers took over in the USA.


Whilst Hottop proved to be a much more cost-effective way to fence horses, in 2012 Ben again worked with the manufacturers to develop Hottop Plus for us here in Australia.
This was to allow for the use of only 3 rails instead of 4 or 5. An more cost-effective option for horse owners.


As our product range grew to include horse safe gates and alternative post options, it became apparent we had evolved into a full fencing system supplier.
The move to change our name to Duncan Equine Group to suit the evolution was decided.
Along with the name change in 2018 came the development of our own rail, Stallion Rail.


In Australia, we are now recognised for our expert product knowledge, exceptional customer service, down to earth attitude and genuine passion for horses. Our integrity has seen us build our customer base to include the largest Thoroughbred studs in Australia.
With the release of Stallion Rail in Australia and New Zealand we know our strength and longevity will only continue to support our fellow horse lovers.

The Evolution of Duncan Equine