We have worked hard to put our knowledge and experience into what we believe is the perfect rail for our beloved horses. This led us to create Stallion Rail “The Thoroughbred of Horse Fencing”.

Our very own improved flexible rail for horses.

A superior product specifically designed for harsh conditions

Stallion Rail utilises premium-grade UV stabilised polyethylene, bonded to high tensile wire using the most current molecular bonding technology. This processed guaranteed the product, despite being exposed to consistent and extreme simulated weather elements, could not be separated or exposed to damage.

The testing process was specifically designed to ensure the product could perform at the highest level whilst withstanding the harshest of climates known to be found across Australian states and territories.

With the performance enhanced by the advanced technology found in carbon fibre molecular bonding, Stallion Rail delivers superior electrical conductivity, flexibility and low maintenance. It is the safest and longest-lasting flexible rail on the market.

The safest flexible rail on the market backed by a premium warranty. 

Paddock accidents are the most frequently occurring injury horses can succumb to. Stallion Rail is manufactured using the most advanced technology to protect your horse if an accident should occur.

Unlike wire, Stallion Rail is highly visual to horses at all times during the day and night because of its width. Combined with good tension the rail can support horses and assist them onto their feet with minimal injury to themselves or the fencing.

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Easy to Install and Low Maintenance

Why Stallion Rail is the most superior flexible rail on the market

When you need horse fencing that is safe, reliable and backed by outstanding customer service and an extensive product warranty, you come to Duncan Equine